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Strunobet-Migacz Sp. z o.o. has introduced onto the market the following light posts: EOP9, EOP10, 5 and EOP12 which are used, among others, to light railway crossings, platforms, streets and squares. EOP posts have a diameter of 150 mm at the top and a thickened base containing a fuse box. EOP posts have a head which is integrated with the post and to which an outreach arm is attached. The equivalent apical force of the EOP poles is 2.5 kN and allows to install single and multi-arm outreach arms in each wind zone in Poland. Standard components of the EOP poles include an aesthetic cover of the head and a “vandal-proof” composite shield for the junction fusebox with a terminal strip to connect the cable line 2x5x35 mm2 with the possibility of installing electrical protection of the fixture. Lighting poles are manufactured according to the conformity system 1 from concrete class C40/50 and marked CE in accordance with the standard PN-EN 40-4:2008. The company offers lighting pole stubs and steel outreach arms made from pipes, which have been galvanized and painted according to a customer’s request.