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E-type spun concrete poles



The selection of spun poles manufactured by Strunobet-Migacz Sp. z o is very wide. Today, it includes over 80 items. As far as the length is concerned, they are items from 9 to 18 meters in length, available at every 1.5 metres and the E spun poles capacity of 2.5 kN to 35 kN. Pole-top diameters from 150 mm to 308 mm depending od the top force, length and kind of construction. All spun concrete poles are characterized by the same taper of 15mm/1m. The company started to produce spun concrete poles in 2001 and in 2002 received the Technical Approval AT15-5733/2002 for the Spun Concrete Poles Produced from the E, EK, EO, EOP and ETO prestressed concrete. In 2008, following the introduction in Poland of the harmonized EN 12843:2008 standard. Precast concrete masts and poles, the Company obtained the Manufacturing Quality Control Certificate for these products. E-type poles are now manufactured in accordance with the above-cited standard and introduced onto the market according to the 2+ attestation of conformity system and marked CE.

Apart from the poles, our offer also includes a selection of footing components like beams type B60, B80, B90, B100, B150, footing plates U85 and U130 and precast footings type FP with plates which are 120, 160 and 200 cm wide. Each type of foundation is accompanied by an appropriate set of clamps needed to attach the stabs to the footing of the column.

● E-type spun concrete poles
E-type spun concrete poles